Sports bottle classification and features

发布时间:2013-07-05 12:00:00

Sports Kettle is the kettle that comes with the outdoor, it has the characteristics of heat preservation, good sealing, and the sports bottle is divided into many categories. Compared with other water tools, the sports water bottle has become a basic configuration for outdoor enthusiasts due to its robustness, reliability, safety, convenience, and ability to have different colors and styles of patterns according to personal preference. With the rise and development of domestic outdoor sports and the continuous growth, sports bottle sales in China are expanding year by year.

According to material classification

1, plastic sports bottle

Advantages of plastics: Lightweight, heat-conducting slow hot water is not hot, big mouth, cheap. Disadvantages: not wear, material will be harmful substances.

2, stainless steel sports bottle

Stainless steel advantages: strong, no harmful substances harmless to humans, heat-resistant. Disadvantages: single layer of heat conduction is not fast wear, double stainless steel containers require high processing accuracy, joints are prone to leaking water and bacteria.

3, aluminum sports bottle

Advantages of aluminum products: lightweight, stylish appearance. Disadvantages: heat conduction is too fast, can not take hot water, can not take cold water. Aluminum products are too soft and easy to hit the pit. Excessive aluminum intake can cause harm to the human body.

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