Car cup

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As the name implies, the automobile cup belongs to the cup used in the car. The sealing degree of the automobile cup is relatively good. Under normal circumstances, there will be no case of cup leakage in the bumpy trip. Therefore, the automobile cup has become a safe drinking water cup, or simply an auto cup. Of course, you said that it is also possible to be in the office. Just a name. It is up to the customer to decide on which occasion the cup is used.

There are two main types of automobile cups, one is a plug-in auto mug, and the other is an ordinary auto mug. Currently, the plug-in auto mug has USB and cigarette lighter connectors. The water can be heated directly in the car through these two kinds of interfaces, but the water cannot be boiled. The temperature reaches up to 40-50 degrees. Just good to drink. The weather is so cold now that you can drink hot water. It is also a blessing.

The structure of an ordinary automobile cup consists of double steel inside and outside, plastic inside steel, plastic outside steel, plastic inside and outside, and steel inside porcelain. As can be seen from the components of the car cup, the car cups are double-layered, so it has a certain effect of insulation and cooling.

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