Four requirements for sports bottles

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There are four requirements for a sports bottle:

1. Don't miss, don't think this is a joke. Actually, this word contains two aspects: On the one hand, it is sturdy, on the other hand, it is safety. The harsh environment in the wild is difficult to avoid. If the sports bottle is not strong enough, the consequences can be imagined. Similarly, if its opening is not closed tightly, it will not only lose valuable drinking water in the wild, but may also wet items such as portable clothing instruments. If food, clothing, and other important items are in distress, they may have killed you in extreme circumstances. .

2. Hygiene, the quality of water is directly related to the health of the human body, and the cleanliness of the container will affect water quality to a large extent. Oxidation of metal materials is the enemy of drinking water. To overcome this drawback, the most common method is to increase the antibacterial and rust-proof sanitary ion coating. Each famous brand kettle manufacturer has specially coated the metal materials inside the bottle, which not only ensures hygiene and odor-free, but also resists the erosion of carbonated drinks, alcohol and other substances. Similarly, plastic instability can also affect water quality.

3. Portability: There are many cases of outdoor use of kettles, sometimes on bicycles and sometimes on rock walls, which imposes requirements on the portability of sports bottles. And some containers made of soft materials, such as water bags and leather buckets, have the advantage that they cannot be replaced. Their volume sports bottles and shapes can be changed according to needs. This is undoubtedly the gospel of the backpack you have overloaded. .

4. Designed for special use, the outdoor environment is very different, and there are many kinds of outdoor sports. In some cases, the general functions are not sufficient. In those cases where only one hand can be used to drink water, a bottleneck design that can be opened and closed with one hand or with the teeth is particularly important. When a large number of people and camping picnics are needed, one can fold. Bucket will effectively meet the camp's need for water. In harsh conditions such as high altitude or polar, a kettle that keeps your water from freezing will give you no worries.

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